Monday, June 18, 2012

"My'Stache" Mondays| 3-Tier Towel Cake

I've decided to do a little "construction" on our blog. It's beginning to bother me more and more that my "DIY+Recipes" page is a seemingly never-ending scroll, scroll, scroll catastrophe. And it will only get worse as I add more projects and recipes.

So, I've decided to take baby steps in fixing this problem. The "DIY+Recipes" tab will still be located along the top of the page (in a slightly different location), but now each project/recipe will have it's own post. Obviously, this will require me to type up a post for each individual item. I would be crazy to try and do that all at once. There are more important things in life than being OCD about a tab on a blog. That's why I'm starting this little "series":
Clever, eh?

Each Monday, I'll try to add a post about one of my projects/recipes. Some of them you have probably already seen, my apologies for the repetition. However, there are some projects that I never posted but had every good intention to. I might even sprinkle in a current project and/or recipe here and there. 

This is just my way of "de-cluttering" the blog while also sharing my 'stache of homemade, do-it-yourself goodness :-) I apologize for any previous links to my old "DIY+Recipe" page that no longer work. I will do my best to go back and fix those as well. This will be a work-in-progress, so thank you in advance for your patience! Slowly but surely, all of my previous projects and recipes will reappear back on this blog, but in a much more organized format.

So, for my first entry, I thought I would post something new that wasn't on the old page:

A 3-Tier Hand Towel Cake

My inspiration came from Pinterest, of course...
What I used:
3 kitchen hand towels
Scrapbook paper
Baking utensils and cookie cutter
Tape and pins
Bendable cardboard (cereal boxes, 12-pack soda boxes, etc.)

The first thing I did was look on my friend's registry to see if she had registered for any kitchen hand towels. I went and bought a set of 3 along with some kitchen utensils that she wanted. I'm pretty sure she didn't register for the cookie cutter I put on top, but I couldn't resist. He made such a cute cake topper :-)

I already had some extra ribbon and scrapbook paper at home, along with plenty of options for "bendable cardboard".

For the bottom layer, I folded the hand towel "hamburger style", so to speak, around a piece of cardboard. I wanted the stripes on the towel to be vertical. This also gave me a thick and tall base. I secured the cardboard with some tape and the towels with a few pins.

The next layer I did was actually the "top" layer. I took a piece of cardboard and rolled it so that it would be nice and tall. Then I took a hand towel and wrapped it around and secured it the same way, with tape and pins.

Then I did the second layer by simply folding it in such a way that it would be wider than the bottom layer. I didn't use cardboard for this layer, I just tucked it in. I believe I still used a couple of pins to secure it into place.

Next, I wrapped some ribbon around the bottom and middle layer, securing it with a couple of pins in the back.

I hand-drew and cut out the "r&a" because I don't have a fancy Cricut (I'm not bitter). Then, I just rolled up some tape and stuck them directly to the towels. I thought about hot glue, but I was afraid that might mess up the towels.

Finally, I added the finishing touches: 2 baking utensils (tied with some matching ribbon), a cookie cutter, and a kitchen wash cloth of mine that I had never used.

I'll admit, the back of the cake looked a little less appealing. But, considering this was my first attempt at a "pinterest project", I was pretty impressed that it actually worked!

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