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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Make Your Own Photo Booth Props {Printable Included!}

This past week, I was given the job of "organizing a photo booth" for a friend's birthday party. I immediately agreed to the job because 1.) I love helping 2.) I love taking photos and 3.) I love photo booths!

But there was one drawback. I have never set up a photo booth nor did I have any fun props. Yes, I have a toddler with dress up clothes but most of his costumes involve super heroes and monsters. For an all-girl party, I don't know if anyone feels like being an evil, sharp-toothed monster. I mean, Little Man already makes me feel like that when I tell him "No, you don't stick things into the spinning blades of the fan." It seems like that should go without saying but he looks at me like I just took away all the happiness in his world.

With a few weeks to prepare, this meant I needed to do a little research on Pinterest. Bummer... ;-) I came across one really helpful blog in particular, Oh Happy Day. She has lots of posts related to setting up photo booth backdrops along with free printables for your photo booth props! I also stumbled across her post with Christmas photo booth props! In case you're wondering, yes, I'm already planning for a Christmas party to happen just so a photo booth and those props can be included.

The birthday girl with her BFF.
They were naturals in front of the camera :-)

As far as the printable props were concerned, I decided to stick with the basics...funny glasses, a mustache, some lips. There were plenty of options out there on the web. However, for some of the props, I wanted them to be a different color or I wanted to cut them out of some cute, patterned scrapbook paper of mine.

Thus, I drew up this this little template complete with photo booth prop patterns.

To make these photo props yourself, simply click here to download the prop template, print it out, cut out the props and then trace them onto whatever color/patterned paper that you want! It would be best to use card stock quality paper. For an even sturdier prop that doesn't flop over, trace the pattern onto some foam or cardboard, cut it out and glue it to the colored/patterned piece.

As I have time, I plan to add to my photo booth prop collection (because I always want to be prepared for some more photo booth fun), so stay on the lookout for more free prop printables!

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Who else out there loves to be silly in front of a camera?? I love it so much, it's almost hard for me to just give a regular smile!