Saturday, October 22

i need motivation..introducing the Ff5!

Somehow, in the process of doing some editing...this post got lost in cyberspace. Despite my best efforts (into the wee hours of the morning) I could not retrieve it.

This was when I began my Ff5 series because of my lack of motivation to blog. I wish I could say that I remembered what my first 5 favorite things were but my memory fails me. I think I bragged on a few of my Pinterest projects but I'll include those on my DIY page some time in the near future. However, I do remember documenting ONE important thing and that was the birth of our handsome little man! He was not born the week I started the Ff5 series. However, according to previous posts, I was still pregnant. 

So without further ado, I will take up all 5 slots of this Ff5 by listing 5 little facts about our Little Man's birth.

Photo credit to Rebecca Simmons (shout out!)

  1. He was born August 8, 2011
  2. He was born at 7:05 p.m (12 hours of labor and no food or drink....alright!)
  3. He weighed 7 lbs, 14 ounces
  4. He was 21 inches long
  5. His first breath took ours away :)

On the day I wrote this blog (October 21st), he chuckled for the first time! What happened to that wittle bitty baby in the picture?!

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