Sunday, October 30

is it Friday already?

Well, this post WOULD HAVE been posted yesterday but after pressing the "SAVE" button, an error page popped up and I lost everything I typed. Ironic, eh?

::Friday's Favorite 5::

1. Last Saturday, D, Natty D, and I went over to Aunt Bec's apartment to watch the Auburn/LSU game. In town for the game were my parents (MiMi and Pop) and sister and D's parents (MaLeigh and GranDaddy). We had lots of delicious game day finger foods--Bec and I both tried out some Pinterest recipes :) Even though the tigers took a beating and it was hard to watch, we didn't mind because we had a cute baby to play with. He loves watching some's easier to watch when you don't know that your team is losing.

2. My mom and sister stayed in town until Monday. Before they hit the road, we stopped by Kohl's since my mom had a coupon. My mom is one of the most giving people I know. I rarely ever see her buy stuff for herself. Even after all these years--graduating college, having a grown-up job, and now being a mom myself--she still bought a new pair of jeans for me. By the way, jeans are hard to shop for these days. They now have "skinny jeans"..."super skinny jeans"...and "jeggings"?? Pretty soon you'll be able to buy denim tinted spray paint...

3. There have been quite a few mornings this week where I have just laid in bed and cuddled/played with THE CUTEST BABY IN THE WORLD (i make no claims to have unbiased opinions) for hours. He's definitely a morning person and I am definitely not one. But when he gives me his first cute little smile for the day, I can't help but try to be a morning person. There have been some moments when I let myself get frustrated that the daily chores and errands aren't getting done...But then I realize, even if I DO get those things done, they'll be back next week...lurking over my shoulder again. Those chores are just a never-ending cycle of "to-dos". However, my little man won't always be little. There will come a time that cuddling with mommy in the bed might be considered awkward turtle. One day he won't want me to bite his fingers and toes off. So forgive me if dishes are piled up in the sink or laundry has yet to be folded up and put away...because I'm too busy playing with THE CUTEST BABY IN THE WORLD!! :)

 4. We had a little family outing on Thursday to Outback to enjoy a FREE steak dinner. It was one of the million steak dinners that Outback announced they were giving out. I saw the commercial while I was bouncing Natty D around the living room (lest he scream his head off because I'm not walking him around). I immediately went to our computer and single-handedly (literally) got one of the free dinners! You could say that I'm pretty proud of myself...2 points for me! (but who's really keeping score anyway?)

5. Soooo...if you've read my post a few months back about all of the renovations we've had to do the current place we live, then you might appreciate this story more. Nothing seems to surprise me anymore about this duplex. Don't get me wrong, it's a great little place to call home. However, the previous family that lived in it definitely left their mark(s). The smells that came from the tile grout as I scrubbed them clean really put my gag reflexes to work. The multiple stickers/crayola marks that I removed from the wall had me questioning their parenting skills. The broken appliances and holes in the wall made me wonder if anger management was an issue. So, you'll forgive me if funny sounds coming from the dishwasher didn't cause me to jump to my feet and put my investigation skills to work.
Well, the other day, I decided to clean the inside of the dishwasher. As I bent down and started wiping the inside, I noticed a couple of plastic water bottle caps. "That's did these get here?" I said to myself. And incase you're wondering, no I do not wash our plastic water bottles. I know that D and I are both thrifty but even we know when too much is too much. I continued to clean and found another object..but I didn't know what it was. As I stuck my head a little further into the dishwasher...I saw a FOURTH object. I went to grab it but a hissing sound happened when I touched it. I could tell there was water inside of the object so I assumed that it was hot water. I grabbed a pair of tongs out of the drawer and made another attempt to remove the unidentified object. This is what I found:

Yes, a half-melted bottle. No, it is not one of ours.

Thank you, and good night.

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