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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

the nomadic life

I can still remember when I was in history class in middle school learning about "the nomads". How they never had a permanent home, they set up camp wherever the food was, and then when the food moved...they moved. That about sums up our life these days. I've forgotten what it's like to open up drawers in a dresser or closet doors. Oh the little hangers. Those are so nice. We've basically been living out of a suitcase since the beginning of November and it will continue to be that way until we can finally call some place home in SE Asia.

Well, I refuse to call this a "Ff5" if it's not Friday. However, I'm afraid to wait until Friday to do a blog post, lest I forget most of what has happened the past couple of weeks.

Our last week in Auburn...
The first day of our last week was spent lounging around and sleeping a lot. Even our little man took some longer naps than usual. We knew the inevitable was ahead of us...packing. But I was unable to find even an inkling of motivation within me. We did venture out for a little bit to take ND to his 4 month check up. Then we went to send in ND's passport application. His little picture is so cute...with his chubby wittle cheeks. I find it humorous that his passport will be good for 5 years. Do they really even need a picture? Because by time he's 5, that picture will be pretty much useless.

On Thursday, I took little man's 4 month old pictures. He and Mr. Sock Monkey didn't seem like they were hitting it off real well in the beginning. But I think the pictures show that they have really grown to enjoy one another's company.

1 month (forgot the onesie)
Doesn't even realize the monkey exists...

2 months
Ready to punch monkey where the sun don't shine...

3 months
Making jokes and laughing it up...

4 months
Huggin' it out...

We also started our moving sale early by posting most of our possessions on Facebook. I was amazed out how well that worked. Things sold so quickly and, the best part, they were sold to people I knew :) Getting rid of all our things was hard but knowing that it went to people we know and love makes parting with it a lot easier. And might I add that the Father doesn't have to make that part easier on us. He commands us to "drop everything" and follow Him. He knows that it will be hard but it's what is expected of us. But because He is a loving Father, who knows a thing or two about sacrifice (Jn 3:16), He gave me peace by simply making sure everything I held near and dear made it into the hands of someone close to me. 

On Friday evening I had a going away party hosted by the one and only Jenn! I had the rare opportunity to hang out with friends I've made the past 8 years. It was a huge blessing and a much needed break from packing and selling. And I can think of no better time to be in Jenn's house than Christmas time!

Everybody do an awkward smile!

On Saturday we spent most of the day selling things, and then the last part of the day packing. The packing lasted all the way until Monday. Our goal was to leave Sunday after fellowship at Lakeview but that just wasn't gunna happen. The amount of stuff just seemed to be multiplying. I wanted to hurry up and get everything out of the house so that it would stop making baby junk. Once we finally got everything out of the duplex, I made sure to take pictures. I realized that I had never done the "after" pictures of all the renovations we took upon ourselves to tackle. Here are just a few of the before and afters...or maybe even some "after and befores" since I can't seem to upload my pictures the way I want to...

Now we're at my parents house until after Christmas and then it's off to D's hometown. While here at my parent's, we've already taken a quick weekend trip BACK to Bham for a family Christmas party with D's side of the family. Once we're in D's hometown, we'll take a quick weekend trip to to Memphis to visit some of my extended family. Needless to say, we're rarely in one place for too long. Welcome to our nomadic life.

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