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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Culture Shock: Sports on TV

So three nights ago we moved into our semi-permanent place where we'll live for the next few months. Which, by the way, that was by far the easiest move we've ever made. We just had to zip up a few suitcases and we were ready to roll. Anyway, this place where we're staying just so happens to have cable. The family living there before us splurged a little and signed up for the so-called "sports" package. After unloading suitcases and sort of unpacking the important stuff,  I was ready to veg-out a little and watch some sports. Oh how disappointed I was. My options were:

image courtesy Flickr user Dee'lite
  • soccer games on 2 channels between teams I've never heard of
  • some soccer recap show
  • golf (a.k.a. watching grass grow)
  • badminton (always makes me think of the cartoon )
  • some kind of race where people run a mile then shoot a BB gun, then run another mile and shoot the BB gun....who knew that was a sport?
  • synchronized diving

Since I was bound and determined to watch sports, I settled on a soccer game between BUN and GAM. Don't know what either "BUN" or "GAM" means but it's what was written in the corner of the screen for their scores. I never was able to determine anything else about the teams because I couldn't understand the announcers' ascents or possible it was another language, though to tell.

Disclaimer: Posts like these are intended mainly for your entertainment but partially so that when you see us in the years to come you'll cut us some slack when we start to get excited about something or wear something or say something that's a little weird to Westerners.

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