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Monday, October 22, 2012

Progress: Part 2

Here's "Part 2" of the mini-blog series I'm just now deciding to call "Pinterest Makes All of This Look Easy But In Actuality I Want to Punch It and not Pin It". If you missed Part 1 you can just click here.

However, despite the frustration D and I might experience with some of these projects, it all seems to fade away when we see it completed. Once we get all the big and bulky projects over with, I'll start working on prettying up them walls ::cue panic attack from grammar snobs::
(you know who you are).

For this post, I present to you the dining area and office...

Dining Area Before

Progress #1

Progress #2
D's coffee bar
Progress #3

The Office (a.k.a. 'Room of Many Colors') Before

Progress #1

Progress #2

Progress #3

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