Wednesday, December 12

The One Necessary Thing

It seems that lately, I have stretched myself pretty thin. I anticipated this. I knew that once we moved into our own house, there would be lots of little tasks, projects, problems, and repairs that would beckon for my attention. Then there would be the little distractions that have always been around (Pinterest, Facebook, Hulu...). The more tasks that I take on, the more tempted I am to fall into the trap of "comparison". They say that "comparison is the thief of joy" and I have to agree whole-heartedly. I came across this little gem just today:

I laughed but it was also a nice reminder. Taking a shower and keeping Little Man alive IS a big accomplishment. I'm also not hatin' on those moms that do make their own soap and reindeer-shaped treats. I actually have a mom friend that did make her own soap and I thought to myself "She's so awesome...I want to do that." But then I quickly dismissed the thought because I felt myself having a little panic attack. I pile so many other things onto my plate that I think are "important" and set myself up for a big disappointment. I want to blink and see my home fully decorated with everything hung on the wall. I want to have everything on my to-do list crossed off. I want to be fluent in the new language I'm learning. I want to have a full day of no interruptions so I can devote myself to some DIY projects.

Wishful thinking, I know...

But then I realize, there's one necessary thing that isn't too far-fetched and needs my attention as soon as the sun rises. The sweet, refreshing, reviving, thirst-quenching, soul-challenging Word of God. What else in this world could possibly give me more fulfillment in life? Certainly not the things I find myself spending most of my time on. Sometimes, I get to the end of my day and I am absolutely spent. Then, I find myself thinking over the day's events and questioning if it had any eternal significance.  Sadly, I come to the horrific conclusion that I don't have much to show for the gift of another full day the Father gave me.

So what am I saying here? That Pinterest is the devil? DIY projects are a poor use of my time? To borrow a phrase from Paul, "By no means!" But if that's all I have to show for the day, I need to re-evaluate the use of my time. If I'm going to be spent and exhausted, I want it to be because I had a full day where I took every thought, opportunity, and moment of time captive and used it to glorify the Lord in some way. I want to be tired because I shared the Good News in a new language at least one time during the day. If I need a nap,  I want it to be because I let some neighborhood children come in the house and play with Little Man. If I can barely keep my eyes open at 9 p.m., I want it to be because I spent a good portion of the day preparing and cooking a meal that was later eaten by some of our neighbors who we invited over for dinner and who don't know that Jsus can wash away their sins and give them assurance of salvation!

The great thing is, the Lord can revive me with every new morning. He gives me the strength and time to do the things that HE has planned for me to do each day. I read this once and it gave me a new perception on "interruptions":
"I think I find most help in trying to look on all the interruptions and hindrances to work that one has planned out for oneself as discipline, trials sent by God to help one against getting selfish over one's work. Then one can feel that perhaps one's true work--one's work for God--consists in doing some trifling haphazard thing that has been thrown into one's day. It is not a waste of time, as one is tempted to think, it is the most important part of the work of the day--the part one can best offer to God. After such a hindrance, do not rush after the planned work; trust that the time to finish it will be given sometime, and keep a quiet heart about it." (Annie Keary)
I might have plans that are interrupted or work that has to be put on hold. But THAT'S OKAY. And you know what else? The Lord is able to allow time for me to make handmade soap and reindeer-shaped treats too. He created creativity and put it in us. Of course He wants us to use it! But let's also not forget about the reason the Lord rescued us from our sin, called us to Himself and gave us new life in Him. He wants us to go tell others the Good News.


  1. I appreciated this in so many ways! Thanks so much for sharing and speaking truth.

    1. Thanks Olivia! It's a lesson I have to learn over and over again... ;-)


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