Tuesday, January 14

Do Tell Tuesday Link-Up #6

It's Tuesday so that means it's time to party! Even if you're not a blogger with posts to link up, it's still a grew time to browse all the ideas, projects, and recipes that others share. Be sure to keep checking back throughout the week because the party grows in number each day!

Did you see my post where I shared a quick-fix for beating "the smelly towel blues"? Stinky towels can really ruin that fresh feeling you get after a shower so be sure to check out how you can bring your towels back to life and make them more absorbent by clicking below.

Also, we are looking to feature a 5th guest co-host every week. If you are interested in co-hosting this party with us email Diane at vintagezest@gmail{dot}com. We would love to have you!

Craft Linky Party

Be sure to check the other blogs to see if you were featured!

Most Viewed: Budget Bathroom Makeover by Carrie This Home

Tips to Keep Babies and Toddlers Warm at Night by Carrie This Home
Carrie gets TWO features on the blog today because I love her tips for keeping a baby/toddler warm at night. Even though we live on the equator and the coldest it's been outside lately is 75F, the AC units in each of our rooms can get a room pretty chilly, pretty fast. Also, Little Man is a wiggler, so keeping him covered can be difficult. These tips are worth checking out!

DIY Distressed Candlesticks by Anderson and Grant
I love that these are made from glass vases! In my opinion, they look a lot better as candlestick holders than their former life as vases. What's great is that vases are usually the first thing to go when people are having yard sales or giving stuff to a thrift store; so, these should be easy to find for a fun weekend project (if you don't already have some tucked away yourself).

Honey-Lime, Black Bean, Corn Stuffed Sweet Potatoes by Gal on a Mission
Fortunately for me, I'm about to head to the grocery store today and I'm pretty sure the ingredients for this recipe are going to be on my shopping list. Just looking at this photo makes me hungry. Sadly, nothing in my kitchen right now looks as appealing. That's why I must make these soon! 
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A Sweet Fragrance

A Sweet Fragrance

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  1. I'm loving all things chalkboard these days! I'm thinking I need to paint a piece of furniture with chalkboard paint. :)


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