Monday, February 10

8 Simple Projects for Valentine's Day

I've been so inspired by the projects linked up to Do Tell Tuesday each week. It's so difficult to try and pick my top 3, especially when Valentine's Day is just around the corner. I decided to solve that dilemma by creating a post to showcase my favorite Valentine's Day-inspired posts that have been linked up each Tuesday. Even picking 8 was a challenge, but I wanted to focus on the projects/recipes that are simple to do and can still be accomplished before this Friday! Most of these valentines might even be doable with items you already have around the house.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Hearts by One Little Project
I'll be honest, at first, I thought these looked like they way too difficult for me to make. But I was still curious so I clicked on the link anyway. I'm amazed out how simple these strawberry hearts are! I only wish I had seen this when I still had strawberries in my fridge. I guess I will be adding more strawberries to my grocery list :-)

Long Distance Hugs by View From The Fridge
I actually sent a long distance hug from Little Man via the Mr. when he went back for his Papa's funeral last year. Since we weren't all able to make a flight back, I thought it would still be nice for everyone to get a hug from Little Man. I didn't even think about sending some "kisses" as well. And I love the little rhyme she includes. Too cute!

I know a little boy in our house who would love to get his hands on some googly eye rings. And it was SO nice of Alexis to provide these free printable cards to go along with the rings! 

DIY Heart Wall Art by Homey Oh My!
I had no idea that this one large heart was actually made up of a bunch of smaller hearts. It was the texture of the heart that really got my attention in the first place. I love the pop of color it gives the arrangement in the photo.

The watercolor printables are beautiful and unique and FREE for you to print! In addition, she gives a  little tutorial on how you can make your own water color art. 

I've seen tutorials for making your own pom pom balls, but Aimee takes it a step further and shapes her pom pom into a heart! Then she turns it into a cute cake topper. A very cute and simple finishing touch. 

This project is great for getting rid of some broken crayons that have seen better days. It also makes for a really colorful window decor. This might have to be the fun project I do with Little Man this week. Our front room is basically a sun room so we'll have plenty of window space to work with.

4 Valentines Gift Wrap Ideas by The Casual Craftlete
Katie gives some great ideas on how to wrap the gifts for those of your valentines that get a little more than just a card with some candy. My favorite is this gift wrapping with kraft paper, scrapbook paper, and a pom pom. Maybe we could combine Twigg Studio's heart pom pom to this gift wrapping idea?? 

If you liked these ideas, be sure to share the love on all your social media pages! If you'd like to pin any of the projects individually, click on the project's link I provided and pin the project from its original source! Please and thank you :-)


  1. These are all amazing Valentine day ideas and many of them are from my favorite bloggers! I am super honored that you included my watercolor printables with the rest of these fabulous projects Thanks so much. Love your link party btw :)

  2. Thankyou so much for featuring my pompom heart xxx

  3. All sweet and simple them! Thanks for including my gift wrapping. I think the pom pom is my favorite too. Have a lovely day!

  4. HI Alicia! Love your round up this week! I love your little comments on each project … so sweet! Thanks for including my Long Distance Hugs! That's so sweet that you sent them with your hubby from your little one (too bad it was for an unhappy occasion). I'm sure the hugs helped! Have a great week!

  5. Hi Alicia! Thanks so much for featuring my heart art!


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