Wednesday, February 12

Cut Canvas Wall Art

Today I have a really simple project to share with you that adds a really neat piece of art to your wall. It doesn't require many materials but it does require a little bit of time. Fortunately, this is a project you can work on while sitting in front of the TV or you can do a little bit here and there throughout the day. I know not everyone has the luxury of getting to sit down, uninterrupted, to work on a project. The good news is: this is a craft project anyone can do.

It really does not matter what size canvas you use for this project. My personal opinion is "the smaller the better", since you'll be using an Xacto knife to cut out pieces by hand. However, if you'd like to do a larger canvas, it's completely doable. It just might take a little more time :-)

For my wall art, I already had 3 square, 8x8 inch canvases on hand. The next step is to decide on what designs to trace onto your canvases.

You can find great patterns by searching for "simple geometric patterns". I prefer the patterns to be black and white so that it's easier to see through the canvas when you're tracing.

Find a spot where you get good light, like a window, and trace your pattern from the inside of the canvas (the side with the wooden frame). You're only going to need the pattern to be traced onto the section of canvas that's within the wooden frame.

Now you're ready to cut!

*Note: If you want your canvas a certain color, be sure to paint it first!

Make sure you cut on a safe surface (I put my canvas on top of cardboard) and use a sharp Xacto knife (mine was a little dull, which slowed down the process).

My set up: canvas, pomegranate juice, and chocolate chip muffins :-)

And the finished product...

I thought about painting the canvases but then I thought it looked clean and simple with white-on-white. Or I guess it's more like white-on-white-ish

What do you think?


  1. This is very cool! Looks time consuming, but awesome!!!

    1. Thanks! It definitely takes some time, but it's super easy as far as "skills" are concerned. A sharp utility knife makes all the difference. I had to do this project in intervals. There's no way I could have done this in one sitting!


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