Sunday, March 2

Project Life and Weekend Links / 02.

There's a lot of stuff I can get done in a week thanks to the woman pictured above. She works hard and takes care of her family. I actually took this photo at the beginning of the week with plans to simply praise her. However, her father just passed away a couple nights ago. If you have a moment,  lift up a prayer for "Mrs. R" and her family.

Little Man joined me in bed one morning...very early (5 a.m. early). He basically kicked me from my spot simply by choosing the oddest of sleeping positions.

I decided to do a selfie one morning that didn't include my face. To all my Instagram friends, I challenged them to guess whether or not I was making the infamous "duck face". This still remains a mystery...

As always, I love my Waterlogue app. I plan on doing something super fantastic with photos that I've turned into a watercolor. I'm not sure what that super fantastic plan is yet but I'm optimistic.

Every Friday, Little Man goes to a playgroup at an international school. We moms are all hoping to add to the number of days this playgroup meets. Little Man always takes his backpack full of trains. It's his toy of choice these days.

So, each Friday morning I sip on coffee and sit at the "train station" of the gym. I have to make sure Little Man is sharing because he can get a little possessive at times. His trains have been such a hit with his friends, two moms have informed me that they've already stopped by the same store to buy trains for their kids.

Little Man, seeing his opportunity, made his move for the police car that was left unattended during snack time. One cool police car, 10+ do the math. You gotta get while the gettin's good.

Side note: I was just put in charge of "circle time" for our playgroup. This means I'll be leading on these kids in song and dance. I did this all the time with my first graders back in the day. I sang loud and danced proud. The only difference this time is that the kids' moms will be there to watch. Here's hoping they join in with the goofiness!

The power outages have returned in full swing, twice a day...3 hours at a time. We have a generator this time (thanks to both our parents), but even hearing the loud engine running for 3 straight hours can make a person go mad (or maybe just me). Therefore, I requested a trip out of the house...somewhere with coffee of course.

The fruit and veggie selection at the grocery store has been a bit of a bummer lately so we stop by the markets a little more often. I like how this particular market displays their bananas.

Our city's forecast the past few days has literally been "smoke". The days look so dreary and are also ridiculously hot. Little Man still likes riding his bike, though. The sky really looks as it's pictured. No alterations made to the photo. 

We finally tamed our yard. You might remember my post from the beginning of the year in which our overgrown, unkempt yard was a main character. I'm happy to say it looks a lot better. Our neighbors are probably happy too. I'll save the before and after pictures for a later post, since I hope to do some outdoor projects this year.

Some of my favorite links from the past week:

This lingerie ad that features no women in lingerie. It's beautiful and it will make you cry.

This .

A more eternal approach to tantrums.

I'm going to need this shirt ...and while I'm at it, maybe this shirt too.

A very helpful watercolor tutorial.

This mom rocks.

Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. So fun to see pictures of your life and where you live. That video about the girl and her daughter - beautiful. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Love that song by All Sons & Daughters -- and the tantrum article was perfect for me with an almost 3 Yr Old tantrum thrower in the house :)
    - Lora @ Craftivity Designs


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