Tuesday, October 15

Never-Ending Words of Love

Today I want to share a simple gift that truly keeps on giving. No matter who the loved one is in your life and no matter the occasion, this handmade and heartfelt gift fits the bill.

In November 2012, the Mr. and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. I pondered the gift possibilities and came across the idea to use a deck of cards and use each of the 52 cards to say something you love about the person receiving the gift.

I thought that was a cute idea but I started thinking, "Surely I will come up with new ways that I love my husband over the years, I don't want to limit the number to 52." So I decided to start with about 15 cards for the anniversary gift. Then I explained to the hubby that I will continue to give him cards as I think of all the different ways I love him.

He might receive some cards expectantly, like on birthdays and gift-giving holidays, or he might receive a card or 2 on a regular day of the week, just because I love him so :-)

That's what makes this gift so wonderful--it can be continued on for as long as you like. In our case, I hope that by anniversary #25 he's already got a box full of cards strung onto multiple loop rings, accounting for all the reasons I love him.

Making the cards is quite simple. All you need is a deck of cards, some card stock paper, the glue of your choice (I use Mod Podge because it goes on smooth and doesn't cause bumps in the paper), colorful markers/sharpies/pens, a hole punch, and a ring to hold all the cards together.

I started by taking a sheet of card stock and tracing one of the cards 9 times (because that's as many that would fit on one sheet). I decided to number each card as I wrote stuff so that it could serve as somewhat of a timeline. I think it will be neat to look through them later on and see all the different ways the Mr. made me love him more. One day I'll write a card that says "I love you because you separate out my weekly pills into my pillbox"....or something cute like that.

Now, in a drawer of my desk, I have a deck of cards and a few sheets of card stock paper with the spaces already traced out, ready for me to write something whenever I think about it. It's fun to think of different places to put the cards, especially on the days when he least expects to receive one.

Our 4th anniversary is approaching and I'm already starting to brainstorm gift ideas. I took a glance traditional anniversary gifts for each year of marriage:

I'm curious to know if anyone uses this list each year. I guess I shortchanged the hubs by giving him a paper gift instead of leather. one tell him ;-)

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  1. This is a great idea, and so thoughtful! We haven't stuck to the traditional list, but it is fun to refer to!

    1. Thanks! I like referring to the list too.There are a few years I might want the hubby to refer to the list. I could see some new furniture coming from year 5, possibly a trip to Pottery Barn for year 9, and I'll just have a list printed out to give to him each year once we hit 30 years of marriage ;-)


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