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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

You might live overseas if...

Recently, while I was cooking dinner, I found myself passing the time by coming up with finishing statements for "You might live overseas if..." I laughed out loud at some of my own remarks and then I thought, I should find out how some of my other friends would finish that sentence. I sent out a request to all of my friends and then I compiled their replies into this one blog post, for all to enjoy. Thank you to all who participated. I think I speak for all of us when I say that these statements are now our "new normal".

Allow me to start off with some of the statements I came up with while in the kitchen and then I'll move onto the responses from my other overseas friends :-)

You might live overseas if... find yourself saying the following sentence out loud: "I think I'm going to let the ants keep their current trail in my kitchen because it's really short and it goes directly to the trash. I don't care if they want to eat the trash." get the attention of a celebrity but without the paycheck of a celebrity.

" ...finding ants in your cereal doesn't phase you anymore."    Jen, Asia

"...if you feel like you are living dangerously by not showering immediately after waking up, knowing that at any moment the power could go out."

" are comfortable with the rats that live outside your home but not inside your home."

" have to wash your eggs to remove feathers and poop before cooking them."    Susan, Sumatra

photo credit: MM 
" have to turn on a light an hour before a shower in order to have hot water in the winter."

photo credit: MM have to make room in your closets to store your family's gas masks.  MM, Middle East 

" shake your towel to be sure there are no scorpions in it before drying off."

" decorate a palm tree and eat watermelon at Christmas time."    Bob and Pam, coastal Mozambique

photo credit
" take your shoes off every time you enter a home (even when you are back in the States)."

"...your kids pretend they are driving a car in the backseat and constantly yell, "honk, honk, honk, honk...."

"...your kids visit America for the first time and ask, "Where are all the people?"

" actually use the metric system to know how many kgs of food you need to make dinner."    KR, India  

And one more from my friend Susan, because I think this is one we can all agree on as well...

"You might live overseas if you continually meet new people and you promise yourself you won't form an emotional attachment, only to find that you do. And when they leave your heart breaks again, but mostly because you know you would do it all over again in a heart beat."

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  1. Sorry I'm a little late to the game :)'s considered a healthy day if you spend less than an hour squatting.
    ...people jump when they hear you speak their language.
    ...the majority of the meat you eat includes the eyeballs.'ve developed considerable ninja skills while in REM sleep by swatting the mosquito in your ear and turning the headlamp on in time to squash the stunned bug.
    ...its a miracle you've not shocked your sanity away while playing with the "fuse box" at 2am when the power comes on. know what "tail up, speed up; tail down slow down" refers to
    ...bacon is literally as valuable per ounce to you as gold.'d give anything to vacation in Nairobi (Java House in every neighborhood? yes please) negotiate for literally everything you buy, and still get ripped off 85% of the time cuss at online recipes when they say its "from scratch" but include "cream of mushroom soup"

  2. These are from Johnny re-wash ziplock bags after every use get your Cheez-itz in the mail from the US 7 months after they were sent discover that the government has opened your Cheez-itz, so you just re-bake them in the oven to crisp them up